District of AVELLINO


Bagnoli Irpino is situated, 654 metres on the sea level, in the district of AVELLINO and in the province called CAMPANIA (South Italy). Bagnoli isn't too far from Naples, more or less 75 km. It's a little town with its 3500 inhabitants, who are called Bagnolesi. Placed in a valley surrounded by suggestive mountain landscapes, that are part of the Park of The Picentini Mounts. The weather is quite fine and the life is calm. Because of all these features Bagnoli Irpino is a touristic destination for many italian and foreign people, where to play mountain sports or simply relax.


Bagnoli Irpino is a touristic destination for many italian and foreign people, where to play mountain sports or simply to relax and enjoy the nature. In fact he landscape offers various opportunities to play sports and excursions on foot and on horseback, but also quiet place where are placed hotels and tipical restaurants.


In fact Bagnoli Irpino, with its village “Laceno” on the homonymous highland, is nowadays one of the most outfitted and renowned skiing resort of southern Italy. Located in the middle of one of the most suggestive mountain landscapes, at 1053 mt on the sea level, the highland and the village have become a well established and attended centre for winter sports, with modern ski-lift facilities, more than 25 Km. of ski runs, 5 hotels and characteristic restaurants. The excellent summer and winter sports facilities include 2 two-seater chairlifts going from altitude 1050 to altitude 1700, 2 ski-lifts for the youngest and a manovia for the beginners. The skiing teachers helps even the less experienced to learn in a short time and with a minimum expense.
Other sports to play are: go-kart, mountain bike, archery.


To play urban trekking in Bagnoli Irpino is quite easy also if its streets and the alleys are placed on various levels of the ground. The historycal centre is really interesting because of its monuments.


The territory of Bagnoli Irpino is part of the the "Park of The Picentini Mounts". It's the ideal habitat for wild animals: wild pigs, birds of prey, badgers, foxes, some wolves and many other. The territory is rich of water, with its streams, its waterfalls and its famous lake of Laceno. The highest mounts in the area of this town soat to 1700 metres.


With its 1809 m. it is the highest of the Monti Picentini; it is an unmissable raise, expecially at the beginning of the summer, when the path leading to the peak is full of a lot of underwood products. It is recommended to start raising in the evening to be then delighted in the morning by the peerless sights of a dream dawn and of the Tyrrhenian and AdriaticSeas.


It is recommended to raise by chairlift and later to walk down by the paths and the wood through the 7 valleys.In winter it has 25 Km. of skiing runs. In summer it is an ideal place to admire the beautiful landscape.


It is one of the nicest naturalistic itineraries: walking down, by an easy path, in an uncontaminated environment, among waterfalls and pools.


They are in the bowels of Laceno. It is a path only for experienced people, although it is not risky. The Caves have been firstly visited by the bricklayer Giovanni Rama, who continued his explorations till the end of his life. The Speleological Association of Bagnoli bears his name. Only 3,5 Km. are walkable nowadays. There are two arms: the first one ends near a wall, the second one near a siphon never crossed. It is an adventurous but, at the same time, pleasant itinerary. Everyone must have this experience at least one time in his life.



It's very genuine and tasty, including especially the tipical cheeses and the famous black truffle, that has a very appreciated taste. There are good recipes with the sweet chestnuts (IGP certified), like the famous tronchetto di castagne, a really guinness cake.


Crocheting is an ancient female work in Bagnoli Irpino. In fact, especially in the summer season, women stay on chairs, in front of their home chating and making crochet works.