The Story


At the origin lies a simple observation: to have the freshest quality of cheese, one should not import the cheese, but the cheese makers.

Based on this insight, Angelo Tartaglia and Franco Russo decided to cross the Atlantic from Bagnoli Irpino, in the South of Italy, to establish themselves in Los Angeles. Their objective was simple: produce Italian cheeses to the highest standards using solely local and fully natural products. They follow the original centenary old Bagnoli Irpino recipe – further developed and mastered over three generations by Franco’s family business – but produce everything from their Los Angeles based factory.
It is through this mix of cultures and countries, tradition and local implementation, that our two artisans are able to bring you some of the best mozzarella and ricotta cheese in the world.

More than a product, Angelo & Franco is about sharing an experience.


From the quiet hills of Bagnoli in the South of Italy to the glittery streets of LA, that's a journey that required quite some planning and many provisions of La Mamma's cuisine to convince our two childhood friends of first crossing the Atlantic. Angelo, the implementer, with a mother called Italia, embodies the authentic Italian profile; he speaks with his hands, charms with his wit, and mostly, tastes with his heart. His love for good culinary products goes unequaled.

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Bagnoli Irpino is situated, 654 metres on the sea level, in the district of AVELLINO and in the province called CAMPANIA (South Italy). Bagnoli isn't too far from Naples, more or less 75 km.Bagnoli Irpino is situated, 654 metres...

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