Angelo & Franco

At the origin lies a simple observation: to have the freshest quality of cheese, one should not import the cheese, but the cheese makers.

From the quiet hills of Bagnoli in the South of Italy to the glittery streets of LA, that's a journey that required quite some planning and many provisions of La Mamma's cuisine to convince our two childhood friends of first crossing the Atlantic.

Angelo, the implementer, with a mother called Italia, embodies the authentic Italian profile; he speaks with his hands, charms with his wit, and mostly, tastes with his heart. His love for good culinary products goes unequaled.
Franco, the artisan, had been working in the cheese making family business founded over 75 years ago by his grandfather Matteo. Making mozzarella and providing it to the most refined connoisseurs is what he has always done.
It is their desire to share some of Italy’s best-kept secrets that brought them to America: the love of natural and authentic food produced to the highest standards.

For Angelo & Franco, quality is more than an objective, it is a way of life!